शांति का आधार अस्त्र-बल
     The Force Behind Peace

Bharat Dynamics Limited

         A Govt of India Enterprise, Ministry of Defence,
         A Miniratna Category-1 Company



Milan 2T


MILAN - 2T - a man portable (Infantry) second generation ATGM, to destroy Tanks fitted with Explosive Reactive Armour, moving and stationary targets. 

FLAME (Fagot Launcher Adapted to Milan Equipment)


FLAME - Fagot Launcher Adapted to Milan Equipment is a cost effective launcher for firing Milan Missiles. Easy to deploy. Operates on Missile thermal battery. Man portable.



KONKURS - M – a Second Generation, mechanized infantry ATGM, to destroy armored vehicle equipped with Explosive Reactive Armour, moving and stationary targets.

INVAR (Round 3 UBK 20)


INVAR (ROUND 3UBK 20) - a mechanized infantry weapon fired from the gun barrel of T90 tank to destroy armoured vehicles equipped with Explosive Reactive Armour. 






NAG - a third Generation (Fire and Forget) mechanized infantry ATGM, with top attack capability to destroy armored vehicle equipped with Explosive Reactive Armour, moving and stationary targets.



AKASH WEAPON SYSTEM - an indigenously developed, an all - weather, air defence weapon system, uses a high explosive, pre-fragmented warhead that can engage multiple threats simultaneously.

MRSAM (Medium Range Surface to Air Missile)


MEDIUM RANGE SURFACE –TO- AIR MISSILE (MRSAM) – a high response, quick reaction, vertically launched supersonic missile, designed to neutralize enemy aerial threats – missiles, aircraft, guided bombs, helicopters. Used by Army, Navy and Air Force as different variants.

TAL (Torpedo Advanced Lightweight) 


LIGHT WEIGHT TORPEDO (TAL) – an electrically propelled, self-homing underwater weapon. Can be launched from ship / helicopter. Seawater activated battery.



VARUNASTRA OR HEAVY WEIGHT TORPEDO - a ship launched, electrically propelled underwater weapon. Equipped with the most advanced automatic and remote controlled guidance system. Uses its own intelligence in tracing the target.



SUBMARINE FIRED DECOY – Acts as a preferred target in presence of own submarine to a passive or active homing torpedo. Can function as a preferred target. Offers zero response time for launching. Deployed from signal cartridge launch tube.

CMDS (Counter Measures Dispensing System)  


CMDS (COUNTER MEASURES DISPENSING SYSTEM) - a state-of – the – art Chaff and Flare Dispensing System. Provides self-protection to the aircraft against Radar Guided and heat seeking missiles launched from air or ground.