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Multi - Influential Ground Mines (MIGM)
Multi - Influential Ground Mines (MIGM)


MULTI - INFLUENTIAL GROUND MINE (MIGM) is equipped with multiple sensors for recording of influences like Acoustic, Magnetic, Pressure, UEP/ELFE signatures as generated by Marine vessels. It has got built-in electronics system that comprises Data Acquisition Electronics with ARM Processor along with peripheral devices for processing the data and to generate command to initiate the desired course of actions.


•     Shape                                             :           Cylindrical

•     Weight (in air)                                :           1000 kg (Max)

•     Buoyancy                                      :           Negative

•     Dimensions (length x diameter)      :           max (3.0 X O 0.533 m)

•     Structure                                        :           Cylindrical

•     Power Source                                 :           Lithium-thionyl chloride primary battery