Website policies

Website Policies

This Website & the contents of this Website are designed, owned, updated & maintained by the Bharat Dynamics Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BDL).

The information contained in this website is for general guidance on matters of interest only. BDL permits you to copy documents published by BDL on the World Wide Web for personal or non-commercial use only, provided any copy of these documents that you make shall retain all copyright and other proprietary notices contained herein.

Links to external Websites:

Links to other Websites that have been included on this Website are provided for public convenience only. Bharat Dynamics Limited is not responsible for the contents or reliability of linked Websites and does not necessarily endorse the view expressed within them. We can not guarantee the availability of such linked pages. We can not guarantee that these links will work all the time and we have no control over availability of linked pages. Also, we have no control over the availability/content of links to external Websites.

Links to Our Website by other Websites:

We do not object to you linking directly to the information that is hosted on this Website and no prior permission is required for the same. However, we would like you to inform us about any links provided to this website so that you can be informed of any changes or updations therein. Also, we do not permit our pages to be loaded into frames on your site.

We do not automatically capture any specific personal information from you, (like name, phone number or e-mail address), that allows us to identify you individually. If our website requests you to provide any personal information, you will be informed for the particular purposes for which the information is gathered and adequate security measures will be taken to protect your personal information.

We do not sell or share any personally identifiable information to any third party (public/private). Any information provided to this website will be protected from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction.Our website(s) has links to other website(s) in the World Wide Web. The privacy policies of these website(s) are not under our control. Once you leave our servers, use of any information you provide is governed by the privacy policy of the operator of the site you are visiting. It is advisable to read their privacy policies for further information.

This Website & the contents of this Website are designed, owned, updated & maintained by the Bharat Dynamics Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BDL).

The information contained in this website is for general guidance on matters of interest only. BDL permits you to copy documents published by BDL on the World Wide Web for personal or non-commercial use only, provided any copy of these documents that you make shall retain all copyright and other proprietary notices contained herein.

This Web Site has been compiled in good faith by the BDL, but no representation is made or warranty given (either express or implied) as to the completeness or accuracy of the information it contains. The information and materials contained herein and the terms,conditions and descrip that appear - are subject to change. If the said content contains any mistakes, omissions, inaccuracies and typographical errors, etc. BDL assumes no responsibility thereof. Those who would like to have additional information may contact BDL. The information and materials contained herein, including text, graphics, links or other items - are provided "as is," and "as available". You are therefore requested to verify this information before you act upon it by calling the concerned BDL office. By accessing this Web site, you agree that BDL will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss arising from the use of the information and the material contained in this Website.

All photographs and images appearing on this Website (Website Materials) including BDL, the BDL logo, and all product names appearing on our website are the exclusive property of BDL and among the trademarks and/or service marks owned by BDL, or its subsidiaries or affiliates. The updating of the information in this Website is done periodically and BDL is at liberty to change any of its products or services indicated in this Website at any time. Before relying on any information contained in this Website, you may contact concerned BDL officer.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the India union, in force. Only the competent courts in Hyderabad, India shall have the jurisdiction as provided in the arbitration Act, 1940 or any statutory modifications thereof for the time being in force, to deal with and decide any legal matter or dispute whatsoever arising out of this Website.

Content needs to be contributed by the authorized Content Manager from various departments / Divisions in a consistent fashion to maintain uniformity and to bring in standardization.

The content on the portal goes through the entire life-cycle process of:-

  • Creation
  • Modification
  • Approval
  • Moderation
  • Publishing
  • Expiry
  • Archival

Once the content is contributed it needs to be approved by Functional Director and moderated prior to being published on the Website. The approved content is to be sent to Website Information Manager for publishing the content on the website.

Bharat Dynamics Limited has a website monitoring policy in place to monitor website. In the website monitoring policy, it is advocated to monitor website periodically to address and fix the quality and compatibility issues.

Quality and compatibility issues for website are monitored around the following parameters:

Functioning or performances of all important pages of website are tested. With variety of network as well as devices, websites download time is optimized.

Working or executions of interactive components of the website are checked. Such as Feedback Forms, Contact Us Form are working properly.

Broken Links:

A broken link is a link that doesn't work, often resulting in an error page. The website is thoroughly reviewed to prevent the website from any broken links or errors.

Feedback from the visitors is the best way to judge a website’s performance and make necessary improvements. Feedback of visitor is beneficial for the enhancement of the site.

This Website is designed, developed and maintained by Bharat Dynamics Limited , A Govt of India Enterprise, Ministry of Defence.

Information is being made available at this site purely as a measure of public facilitation. The same should not be construed as a statement of law or used for any legal purposes. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information hosted in this web site is accurate and up-to-date, Bharat Dynamics Limited does not hold itself liable for any consequences, legal or otherwise, arising out of use of any such information.

The links are provided to other external sites in some documents. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the contents in those sites. The hyperlinks given to external sites do not constitute an endorsement of information, products or services offered by these sites.

Despite our best efforts, we do not guarantee that the documents in this site are free from infection by computer viruses etc.

All queries regarding the content of this website may be directed to:

Additional General Manager (ERP & ITD)

Corporate Office, Gachibowli,



E-Mail: bdlerppmo-ap[at]bdl-india[dot]in

We are committed to ensure that the Bharat Dynamics Limited Website is accessible to all users irrespective of device in use, technology or ability. It has been built, with an aim, to provide maximum accessibility and usability to its visitors. As a result this portal can be viewed from a variety of devices such as Desktop / Laptop computers, web-enabled mobile devices etc.

We have put in our best efforts to ensure that all information on this Website is accessible to people with disabilities. For example, a user with visual disability can access this Website using assistive technologies, such as screen readers. The website is designed to meet the Guidelines for Indian Government Websites and also adheres to level A of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 laid down by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Part of the information in the Portal is also made available through links to external Web sites. 

External Web sites are maintained by the respective departments who are responsible for making these sites accessible. For the benefit of our readers the Hindi version of the Website is also made accessible. If you have any problem or suggestion regarding the accessibility of this Portal, please inform us to respond in a helpful manner. Do let us know the nature of the problem along with your contact information.

Use the accessibility options provided by this Web site to control the screen display. These options allow increasing the text size and changing the contrast scheme for clear visibility and better readability.

Text size Icons

The website allows you to change the text size by clicking on the text size icons present at the top of each page.

Following different options are provided in the form of icons which are available on the top of each page:

A- Decrease text size: Allows to decrease the text size.

A Normal text size: Allows to set default text size.

A+ Increase text size: Allows to increase the text size.

Changing the contrast Scheme

Changing the contrast scheme refers to applying a suitable background and text colour that ensures clear readability. There are two options provided to you to change the colour scheme. These are:

  • High contrast: Applies black colour as the background and suitable colours to the foreground text on the screen to improve readability.
  • Standard contrast: Brings the screen back to its original appearance.

Features incorporated in the BDL website to make it accessible are:

Skip to Main Content: Quick access to the core content on the page is provided without going through repetitive navigation using the keyboard.

Accessibility Options: Options to change the size of the text and set a colour scheme are provided.

Identification of file type and file size: Information about alternate file types, such as PDF, Word, Excel along with the file size has been provided within the link text to help users identify the same. In addition, icons for different file types have been provided with the links. This helps users in deciding whether they wish to access the link. For example, if a link opens a PDF file, the link text specifies its file size and file type.

Headings: The Web page content is organized using appropriate headings and subheadings that provide a readable structure. H1 indicates the main heading, whereas H2 indicates a subheading.

Titles: An appropriate name for each Web page is specified that helps you to understand the page content easily.

Alternate Text: Brief description of an image is provided for users with visual disability. If you are using a browser that supports only text or have turned off the image display, you can still know what the image is all about by reading the alternate text in absence of an image. In addition, some browsers display the alternate text in the form of a tooltip when the user moves the mouse pointer over the image.

Consistent Navigation Mechanism: Consistent means of navigation and style of presentation throughout the Website has been incorporated.

Keyboard Support: The website can be browsed using a keyboard by pressing the Tab and Shift + Tab keys.

Customized Text Size: The size of the text on the Web pages can be changed either through the browser, through the Accessibility Options page or by clicking on the text sizing icons present at the top of each page.

Adjust contrast scheme: The website provides different schemes to enable users with visual impairments, such as low vision and color blindness to view the web page information with ease. Facility available for changing the contrast of the web pages

Increase text spacing: Accessibility Options page provides with an option to increase white space between words. White space can be increased upto two levels. This option is helpful for users with visual and learning impairments who find it difficult to read the information which is presented using little white space between words.

“Bharat Dynamics Limited” website contains information which is freely accessible, and may be viewed by any visitor. However, the website maintains a copyright interest in the contents of all of its websites.

Except for authorized security investigations and data collection, no attempts will be made to identify individual users. Accumulated data logs will be scheduled for regular deletion. The Website Privacy Policy details our position regarding the use of personal information provided by customers/visitors.

Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information are strictly prohibited, and may be punishable under the Information Technology Act, 2000. 

BDL website is the face of the Bharat Dynamics Limited, A Govt of India Enterprise, Ministry of Defence. It is therefore required to keep the content on the Website current and up-to-date. BDL has Content Review Policy in force and will be followed while maintaining the website.  Since the scope of the content is huge the Review Policy is based on different type of content elements, its validity and relevance.

The Content Manager would periodically review the contents of website and will put up the contents which are to be uploaded / updated to the Web Information Manager.

As per the content archival policy adopted by BDL, all the outdated announcements are removed from the website or moved to archive.  This will help website team in ensuring that the expired contents are removed from the main website. BDL maintains online archives for a period of 2 years to allow for the retrieval of content which has expired.

For some components like announcements, tenders, recruitment notices  only the live content whose validity date is after the current date is shown on the Website. For other components like documents, schemes, services, forms, websites and contact directory there is a need for timely review of the same as per the Content Review Policy.