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COUNTER MEASURES DISPENSING SYSTEM (CMDS) is a state of the art Flare and Chaff Dispensing System. CMDS is an airborne defensive system providing self-protection to the aircraft against Radar guided & IR seeking missiles by dispensing Chaffs and Flares.


  • Auto / Semi auto mode firing of flare and/or chaff payloads.

  • Stand – alone CMDS / Operation through EW Suite or MFD

  • Mixed payload Dispensers

  • Direction specific Dispensation of Payloads based on the PFM or by EW Suite

  • PFM Data loading through Various methods as per users choice (through MIL 1553 or Directly through PDA/DFL)

  • Any combination of payloads can be fired at any interval in any direction from any Magazine

  • Programmable critical quantity

  • NVG compatible display

  • User friendly firing program data base generation and programming software

  • MIL STD 1553 B / RS-422 full duplex communication for external interface with EW Suite.

  • Doubling of flares firing during “After Burner” stage.

  • Simultaneous firing of payloads.

  • Training mode

  • Stopping of currently executed firing program

  • No direction specific loading of payloads

  • Automatic recognition of Master and its presence

  • It can also dispense ECM decoys, Optical Obscurants & AAEDs if size & firing current is same as NATO STD Cartridges

  • Mapping of firing pin – payload as per Firing Program (PFM)

  • In service on Jaguar, ALH, LCA, AEW&C and MIRAGE, Development under progress for SU-30 MKI, MLH, LCH, C295 and HAWK.

  • Auto dispensation at specific way points.