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Konkurs Launcher Test Equipment (KLTE)
Konkurs Launcher Test Equipment (KLTE)


Konkurs Launcher Test Equipment (KLTE) Ver. II is micro-controller based test equipment to check the serviceability of Konkurs Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) launchers.



•      KLTE Ver. II consists of KLTE Base Equipment, Collimator, Collimator fixture, Sighting Gauge, Sighting Board with stand and cables.

•      Man-portable.

•      Ruggedized to be used in extreme conditions (– 40°C to + 50°C).

•      Leak proof and dust proof.

•      Battery operated.

•      Used for Field and Workshop level maintenance of launcher of Konkurs ATGM.

•      Length              : 503 mm max.

•      Width               : 401 mm max.

•      Height              : 189 mm max.

•      Weight             : 20 kg approx.